Rungta Group of Industries started with a vision - a vision of contributing to the national economy to make it competitive, vibrant and resilient. Starting with its Steel Industries, Core competency business in Mining, it has now diversified into various other areas and has established a country-wide Presence.

Today, group has under its umbrella, companies which are in Steel, Mining, Construction, Cement and a Multi-Facility Club. It has already reached a turnover level of Rs. 7000 Million and has established itself as a fast growing enterprise all over the country.

Ours is a country which has been richly endowed by Nature. What is required are Vision, Entrepreneurship, Determination and Values for exploiting the Nature's bounties with the focus on Environmental concerns, so that the Development Process is sustainable. And it is this direction that Rungta Group's activities have taken.

Mining continues to be our forte: it is our thrust area as well. The direction however needs re-orientation in the present exciting times of liberalization and globalization and "Value Addition". We have entered the field of Coal Beneficiation which is the need of the hour considering the fact that Coal is and will continue to be the "King" among the sources of commercial energy in the country. But now, it's utilization has to be made "Cleaner and Greener".

Our long experience in mining sector, our large fleet of mining equipment, development and operation of mines, our managerial skill and trained man power make us eminently suitable for this role.

We firmly believe that Industrial houses and entrepreneurs must make philanthropy a part of their business philosophy and we have made major strides in the fields of Education and Health care.

We believe that man is the noblest creations. Inspire him with an Ideal, give him a Vision, guide him with Values and he achieves Excellence.

The group is promoted by Shri Ram Chandra Rungta, who hails from the reputed business family having business network across the country and having Interest in mining, highway and civil project, steel Industry, cement Industry, manufacturing of irrigation system, leasing and finance, transportation and education etc. Sri Rungta is an eminent Industrialist of Jharkhand State and is having business/ Industrial experience of more than 20 years.

  • Mr. R C Rungta Chairman
  • Mr. Abhishek Rungta Director
  • Mr. Alok Rungta Director
  • Mr. Ashish Rungta Director


Our Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.


Our vision to empower societies is a clear call to action. We bring vital infrastructure, new services and products that stimulate progress, change and improvement.

Social Responsibilities are at the heart of our corporate culture, governance and business strategy. We are proud of our vision to “Empower Societies” with our Hospitals and Schools. Our people and our culture are instrumental in safeguarding the responsible and sustainable business that RC Rungta Group is committed to.

The company through its various associate trusts runs the following educational institutions and Hospitals at various locations:

HIGH SCHOOL at KHALARI, JHARKHAND - This school provides quality education upto 10th standard and has 900 student.

MOHINI DEVI MEMORIAL SCHOOL in VARANASI - School provides education upto upper Primary Level.

ADARSH VIDYA MANDIR at MANDRELLA in JHUNJHUNU DISTICT, RAJASTHAN – School provides education upto Upper Primary level.


MOHINI DEVI RUNGTA HOSPITAL at ARARIA, BIHAR - A full-fledged 50 bedded hospital.

A highly specialized group that offers a broad spectrum of professional development opportunities. We are proud of our male and female co-workers who, with team spirit and an enthusiasm for technology, have made our family-run business an internationally successful Group.


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