Three basic requirements of human being all over the world are "ROTI, KAPDA and MAKAAN" (Food, Cloths and House). While our country's has made substantial progress towards providing the first two, availability of "Makaan" still continuous to be a highly deficit area. And this is where Cement Industry comes in a big way.

Rungta Group has understood the country Limitations in this regard and in its effort to meet the country's need it has acquired M/s. Sri Durga Cement Company Limited in Ramgarh Cantt, Distt- Hazaribagh (Jharkhand). This plant has a very good reputation and its brand "SRI DURGA SUPER" is considered to be one of the best in the State. It is a mini integrated cement plant with its own captive limestone mine, thermal power unit, workshop, etc. The Plant is supported by planned residential facilities having all civic amenities like power supply, water supply and sewage treatment plant.


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